State Prosecutor Charging Netanyahu with Media Collusion Caught Committing Exact Same Offense

ut let justice well up like water Amos 5:24 (The Israel Bible™)

The State Prosecutor who is leading the prosecution against Prime Minister Netanyahu for media collusion in ‘case 4000’, has been caught red-handed doing precisely that. Shai Nitzan instructed judges and other officials in the Justice Ministry to speak to the press favorably of him reports Srugim.

In an email sent to top judges and officials throughout the Justice ministry, state prosecutor Shai Nitzan encouraging them to conduct media interviews that portrayed him and his office in a positive light. President of the Supreme Court, Ester Hayut blasted the move explaining that current judges are not to be recruited into public relations stunts. Hayut also demanded that Nitzan remove the four incumbent judges from his email list.

Nitzan apologized for the accident calling it a “malfunction” and said that he has removed the email addresses of the incumbent judges on that list.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is being hounded by the state prosecutor for the crime of collusion with the media might not be able to free himself of the charges by simply calling it a malfunction as Nitzan has. That’s because Likud officials have received information that the Prime Minister will be charged this week with ‘Case 4000’ which involves the same offense – unlawfully exploiting one’s position as a public servant for positive media coverage.

As part of a last-ditch effort, the Likud is planning a mass protest rally outside the home of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in Petah Tikva to demonstrate support for the Prime Minister. Likud officials estimate that thousands of supporters will turn out for the event.