Massive Poster Glorifying Terrorists Hung on Old City Walls

It shall shut you up in all your towns throughout your land until every mighty, towering wall in which you trust has come down Deuteronomy 28:52 (The Israel Bible™)

A massive sign hung on the walls of the Old City saying in Arabic:

“Jerusalem is not for sale.

Jerusalem is Arab Palestinian

We bless the martyrs and the prisoners

We are all behind Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas). “

The sign featured the golden dome of the rock, as well as images of Abu Mazen and late terrorist leader Yassir Arafat.

It should be noted that “martyrs and the prisoners” is a euphemism for terrorists.

“Ahead of the upcoming PA elections, the terrorist organizations are allowing themselves to publish inciteful sentiments in Jerusalem,” Maor Zemach, chairman of “Go Jerusalem,” told Channel 20 News. Zemach called on the authorities not to allow any insidious propaganda.”