Israel to Present Iranian Nuclear Violations to UN Security Council

Men of Persia, Lud, and Put Were in your army, Your fighting men; They hung shields and helmets in your midst, They lent splendor to you Ezekiel 27:10 (The Israel Bible™)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz today (Thursday, 5 December 2019) instructed the ministry’s representatives to present the complete list of Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement at the forthcoming meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The meeting, which is expected to take place on Thursday, 19 December 2019, will deal with Iranian violations of the agreement.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz released a statement saying: “We welcome the letter presented by France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which states that Iran is developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload while violating UN Security Council resolutions. This confirms what Israel has been claiming all along. Only an effective military threat posed against Iran will deter and curb its aggression.”