A Muslim Waqf official cursed at former Knesset member Rabbi Yehuda Glick on Tuesday calling him a “son of a dog” and the “son of a thousand whores.” The confrontation was caught on camera by Temple Mount activist Michael Miller.

Rabbi Glick spoke with Breaking Israel News in an exclusive interview responding to the event saying:

“I’m not satisfied that the video came out. In the past, 3-4 years ago, every Jewish group that went up onto the Temple Mount was harassed with violence on the Temple Mount. But there’s been a major change. First of all, the Israeli government has outlawed many Islamic organizations from harassing Jewish visitors. Because of that, the visit to the Temple Mount has become a much more peaceful experience. Additionally, Non-Muslim tourists grew 180,000 annually to 800,000 annually.”

Glick also noted that the Waqf antagonizer was arrested following the event and distanced from the Temple Mount for a week. Glick added that it’s likely that the restraining order will last for longer adding:

“Jewish pilgrimage grew from 10,000 several years ago to 40,000. What happened yesterday was an exception. He’ll probably be banned for longer because the police do not tolerate that behavior anymore. The police led by Gilad Erdan has made a major change in the atmosphere on the Temple Mount. The Jews used to be a nuisance but today they are welcomed by the police. I don’t want people to think that what happened yesterday is the rule rather than the exception.

Ever since I left the Knesset, I have established the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation. He goes every Tuesday to the Temple Mount and sometimes guides tours. I want it to lead toward the Temple Mount to be a world center for connection between humanity to God and vice versa”

Glick then quoted the passage in Isaiah:

For instruction shall come forth from Tzion, The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. (Isaiah 2:3)

Speaking about his upcoming plans for involving the nations in his new initiative, Glick announced that in January 2021, his organization will host the “first international Bible conference.” In this event, Bible scholars from around the world will gather together to study the Bible. “Just like politicians are trying to get Jerusalem recognized on a political level, so too is the foundation trying to get the Temple Mount recognized as the spiritual capital of the world” Glick added.

Regarding other people’s reactions to the video, Glick stressed that: “people should not be discouraged from visiting the Temple Mount after seeing the video. ”

Rabbi Glick survived an assassination attempt in 2014 where he was shot by an Arab terrorist who opposed his Temple Mount activism. The terrorist shot him four times before fleeing. Glick miraculously survived the attempt on his life.

The video of the incident can be seen below: