UN Calls Motherhood a ‘Penalty’

Everyone on earth had the same language and the same words. Genesis 11:1 (The Israel Bible™)

On Christmas Day, the UN called motherhood a “penalty” that “not every woman can afford”.

In the tweet, the UN organization named the officer issuing the ‘penalty’ as ‘P. Atriarchy’; a play on words of the word ‘patriarchy’ implying that all men are solely responsible for the costs of single motherhood.

The fake fine then goes on to list a bevy of ‘penalties’ including “more unpaid care and domestic work, irregular work and reduced employment.”

The tweet feeds into widespread sentiment that the United Nations is working to break down the family unit by discouraging parenthood.

The UN is notorious for its anti-Israel agenda and has even established UNRWA, a department exclusively dedicated to perpetuating the myth of ‘Palestinian’ refugees. Former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold has compared the UN to the Tower of Babble.