Spain’s New Deputy Prime Minister Called Israel “Illegal”

Moab dreaded the Israelites Numbers 22:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has appointed Pablo Iglesias Turrión as his deputy. Turrión has a history of anti-Israel behavior and even called Israel an “illegal state”. He also hosted a talk show with anti-Semitic content that was broadcasted on an Iranian-backed Television station reports JTA.

Turrión is the former leader of the extreme-left Podemos party. The appointment follows Spain’s November election that compelled the country’s Socialist party to join with far-left parties to create the first coalition government in Spain’s history. The government will feature a total of four deputy prime ministers.

Podemos, who won 20% of votes in Spain’s general election in back 2015, only a year following its creation, called for a blanket boycott of Israel and has accused its Jerusalem of executing apartheid-like policies.

In an interview back in 2018, Iglesias stated: “We need to act more firmly on an illegal country like Israel.”

Iglesias also hosted the talk show “Fort Apache,” which aired on HispanTV, a station bankrolled by Iran.

During one conversation from 2018, reporter Teresa Aranguren said during a dialogue hosted by Iglesias that “The pro-Israel lobby has the power to determine American policies from within, raising questions whether it directs that policy.”