Samaria Winery Shows Trump Some Love with New ‘Pompeo’ Wine

A time is coming —declares Hashem— When the plowman shall meet the reaper, And the treader of grapes Him who holds the [bag of] seed; When the mountains shall drip wine And all the hills shall wave [with grain]. Amos 9:13)

After Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the cancellation of a long-standing State Department

Psagot’s ‘Pompeo’ wine (courtesy: Psagot Winery)

memo that wrongly concluded that Israeli settlements violate international law called the ‘Hansel Memo’, a winery in the Samarian hills showed their appreciation by launching a limited edition wine called ‘Pompeo’ wine.

And as the EU passed a law requiring products made in Judea and Samaria to be labeled as such, in tongue in cheek fashion, the winery responded to the EU’s discriminatory law by labeling the ‘Pompeo’ wine as ‘#MadeInLegality’.

Made in Leagality label (courtesy: Facebook: עקיבא קונינגהיים)

The wine was unveiled at the annual Kohelet Policy Forum which took place on January 8 in Jerusalem after Pompeo made his historic announcement.