Three Terrorists Killed After Invading Israel from Gaza

Three Hamas terrorists were killed by IDF troops after trying to infiltrate into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, Hebrew-language outlet Haaretz reported on Tuesday night.

The IDF said in a statement that: “the three terrorists who infiltrated from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory near [Kibbutz] Kissufim entered a forested area near the border.”

Israeli public radio stated that the terrorists penetrated 437 yards into Israel from central Gaza “under cover of stormy weather” before the troops from the Kfir brigade stopped them and opened fire.

The statement went on to say that “IDF troops arrived at the scene, cordoned the area and began searching for the terrorists, who hurled at [the soldiers] an explosive or a grenade. The fighters opened fire and a hit was identified.”

The IDF spokesperson added that there is no danger to local communities.

Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 12 reported that the terrorists were identified by a camera operated observation unit who spotted the terrorists and activated nearby troops.

No injuries were reported on the Israeli side.