Terrorists Try to Throw Rocks at Jewish Motorists: Accidentally Injure Arab Women Instead

Let the wicked fall into their nets while I alone come through. Psalms 141:10 (The Israel Bible™)

Arab Terrorists who tried to injure/kill Jewish Israeli motorists near the town of Kiryat Arba, a suburb of Hebron, mistakenly injured two female Arab motorists after throwing rocks at their vehicle reports Channel 20.

One of the victims suffered an injury to her eye while the other reportedly got hit in her arm. They were both treated at the scene by medical teams and evacuated to a local hospital for further treatment.

Arab rock throwing at Jewish motorists is a common occurrence in Judea and Samaria, sometimes with deadly results.

In 2013, a large rock was thrown by an Arab terrorist at a vehicle driven by the parents of Adelle Biton. The rock hit 2-year-old Adelle in the head causing severe neurological damage which eventually led to her death.