CIA Director Arranged Secret Meeting with Abba’s Security Forces Right After Trump’s Peace Deal was Unveiled

For it is not Sheol that praises You, Not [the Land of] Death that extols You; Nor do they who descend into the Pit Hope for Your grace. Isaiah 38:18 (The Israel Bible™)

CIA Director Gina Cheri Haspel arranged a secret meeting in Ramallah just one day following US President Donald Trump’s reveal of the “deal of the century” peace plan, reports Maariv.

According to the report, Haspel met with top Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and was informed of the PA’s threat to end security cooperation with both Israel and the US as well.

Haspel didn’t meet with PA Chairman Abbas while on her visit. However, she did meet with his intelligence director, Majid Faraj. Haspel met with Israeli officials during her visit as well according to reports.

Meanwhile, Speaking at a convention of the Arab League in Cairo on Saturday, PA Chairman Abbas tried to discredit the Jewish character of Israel saying that “many of the Israeli immigrants from Russia are not Jewish. The [Jewish] percentage is also low with the Ethiopians.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded harshly saying: “Apparently Abu Mazen never heard of the tribes of Israel – the Olim from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. Our brothers and sisters, flesh and blood, Jews from the womb until birth, who dreamed for generations to return to Israel and realized their dreams come true.”