Jewish Torah Teachers Offer Online Workshop To Help People Prepare for End of Days

“It is good to wait patiently Till rescue comes from Hashem.” Lamentations 3:26

Jerusalem-based Shifra Hendrie’s enduring mission is to help make the impending redemption a tangible reality for everyone, Jew and non-Jew alike. She is a follower of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and has been empowered by his mandate to share the messages of redemption with the entire world.

As part of her mission, Hendrie launched Global Geula Summit Season II: Conversations from the Edge of Human Potential on February 2, 2020. The Summit, which will run online through March 5, 2020, brings together 40 of the world’s top Jewish speakers, authors, and rabbis, sharing their Torah-based perspectives, guidance, inspiration, and advice. Each interview is focused on helping listeners turn abstract concepts of redemption into practical tools.

Breaking Israel News spoke with Hendrie, who is a spiritual mentor, teacher, coach, and healer, about the suitability of these interviews for non-Jewish listeners. She enthusiastically encouraged spiritually motivated people from all faith traditions to join the Summit and listen to the interviews. 

“The whole world is moving in a certain direction,” she said. “These changes impact everyone.” She stressed that “Bible believers should understand what the Bible says about how to position ourselves as human beings,” in these turbulent times.

Hendrie believes that “The non-Jewish world is ready to hear [Torah wisdom]. Souls are waking up.” She referred to the Jewish people as the world’s “cosmic midwife” and emphasized that “Torah was given to Moses on behalf of all humanity.”

Hashem came down upon Har Sinai, on the top of the mountain, and Hashem called Moshe to the top of the mountain and Moshe went up. Exodus 19:20

Hendrie particularly encouraged those who are looking for a Biblical perspective to listen to the scheduled interviews with Rabbi Pinchas Winston on Creating a Rectified, Divine World, Rabbi Mendel Kessin on Signs of Redemption: Prophecy, Chaos and Current Events, Rabbi Tovia Singer on “The World Will be Filled with the Knowledge of God” Universal Torah and the Nations of the World and Rabbi David Katz on The Path of the Ger: Awakening the Soul of Humanity.

As the Summit host and interviewer, Hendrie called herself “ultra-sensitive” to making Torah wisdom relevant for a universal audience. She said she has a “passionate drive to be a [connector] between Torah and the entire world.” As evidence of that commitment, Hendrie noted that more than half of her current students are not Jewish. 

In addition to the second Global Geula Summit happening this month, Hendrie is getting ready to open Gate of Unity School for Spiritual Empowerment and Activated Wisdom where she will teach “transformational, Moshiach (messiah) Torah, designed for people of all backgrounds and all levels of learning.” She expects that many students enrolling in the Gate of Unity School will be “non-Jews who want power and truth, brought down in language people can understand and use.”

The first Global Geula Summit was held last summer and Hendrie was so encouraged by its impact, she curated this second Summit just seven months later. “Geula is a process and we’ve just started. I saw there were reverberations as a result of the first Summit.”

She describes the world today as being perfectly ripe for receiving information about redemption. She sees the Summit as plugging into this existing energy, which she called “a carrier wave for information about geula. When you hit the wave, your efforts go very far. Now there are continuous waves. Everyone is affected by them. It’s the right time to speak into this.

“Everyone can be a partner in this process. The entire world was created for one purpose – to reveal God in a unified world,” she concluded.

The Global Geula Summit interviews are available online for free, both live and for a limited time after.  You can register here to receive links to each upcoming interview and its replay.