Holocaust Denier Abbas Calls on Israelis to “Reject Extremism”

He who deals deceitfully shall not live in my house; he who speaks untruth shall not stand before my eyes.(Psalm 101:7)

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas seems to be sending mixed messages. That’s because, at a joint press conference with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Abbas said that he is “against violence and terror” and that “we have more than 83 agreements with the international nation-states to fight terror irrespective of its   source and motivation.” This statement seems to contradict another promise he made back in September where he stood up in front of the UN and vowed to pay the families of terrorists, even he has “only one penny left.”

The purpose of the press conference was to undermine Trump’s Deal of the Century and instead, pick up where he left off during the failed negotiations between the chairman and Olmert in 2008. When those talks took place, Abbas rejected Olmert’s offer claiming that he wasn’t allowed to study the map.

Also during the presser, Abbas called on Israelis “to reject extremism and to reject ideas that destroy peace.” However, this demand lies in sharp contrast to a speech the Holocaust denier made in August where he vowed to “enter Jerusalem (with) millions of fighters!” along with the “entire Islamic nation”

Abbas also said that “peace can be achieved with genuine dialogue between the two sides” and that he “will not resort to violence and terror.”

See the entire press conference below: