EXODUS 15:17

“You will bring them and plant them in Your own mountain, The place You made to dwell in, Hashem, The sanctuary, Hashem, which Your hands established.” EXODUS 15:17 (The Israel Bible™)

“And plant them in Your own mountain” is understood as a reference either to Har Habayit or to the entire Land of Israel. When Hashem says that the Jewish people will be planted in Eretz Yisrael, He means that they will establish roots there and flourish. The Midrash explains that this is a reference to the time of Mashiach, when the Children of Israel will be brought back to the Land of Israel, never to be uprooted again. For two thousand years, Jews have been asking for the fulfillment of this verse each week as part of the Shabbat prayers, “bring us with happiness to our land and plant us in our borders.”