PSALMS 121:1

“A song for ascents. I turn my eyes to the mountains; from where will my help come?” PSALMS 121:1 (The Israel Bible™)

When he composed this psalm, the psalmist might have been standing at the foot of a large mountain, perhaps the Chermon mountain range, about to embark on a long journey. As he looks up to the mountains, he stands in awe of their beauty, their massiveness, their sheer greatness. It makes him feel meek, and he wonders: From where did they come? Who is behind them? Who will protect him on his journey through them? When looking at the diverse natural wonders found in Israel, such as the majestic Chermon mountain, the Banyas waterfalls or the great Carmel forest, how many times do we stop and acknowledge the Creator who sustains it all? When travelling throughout the beautiful Land of Israel, how often do we call out, “My help comes from Hashem, Maker of heaven and earth”?