Catholic Church Group Suspected of Bringing CoronaVirus to Israel

As for those peoples that warred against Yerushalayim, Hashem will smite them with this plague Zechariah 12:14 (The Israel Bible™)

Israel’s Health Ministry has confirmed on Saturday that nine tourists that were diagnosed with coronavirus from South Korea stayed in Israel for a visit between the dates of February 8 – 15 before returning to their country.

The BBC in Seoul reported only seven people had been infected with the pandemic. They took part in a trip organized by their Catholic Church along with 77 other people.

The Health  Ministry asked that anyone who was in close contact with the members of the tour group place themselves in isolation in their own homes for 14 days. They also urged them to consult a doctor, in case they catch a fever greater than 38 degrees, cough or experience other respiratory symptoms.

The IDF made an announcement on Sunday that it is preparing to quarantine around 200 South Korean tourists at a military base in Har Gilo, just south of Jerusalem.

In response to the announcement, Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman responded saying: “just by chance we discovered the intention of the IDF to create a medical isolation facility in the heart of a civilian community. This is completely unacceptable. Even if there is a need for the treatment of the virus, the decision can’t be behind the backs of local officials. The Kiriyah in Tel Aviv is also a military facility, so why not set up a quarantine site there?”

“We demand that those in charge rescind this decision immediately and initiate dialogue with our local authorities as is protocol.  We are not anyone’s ‘backyard’ and we will not be able to operate within our communities if our local council doesn’t have the authority to operate” he added.

South Korea has experienced a sudden spike in CoronaVirus cases with 433 victims of the disease which resulted in two deaths reports the Straits Times.

231 of the latest cases have been connected to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the southern city of Daegu, the Korean Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said. The church, which has been accused of being a cult, forces their congregants to wait six months before they can pray in their services and forces their members to proselytize even if they are sick.