Coronavirus Closing Cities Worldwide: A Realization of Ezekiel 36 says Rabbi

and the desolate land, after lying waste in the sight of every passerby, shall again be tilled. Ezekiel 36:34 (The Israel Bible™)

Rabbi Yehuda Richter of Kfar Tapuach (Apple Village) delivered a lecture on the subject of Coronavirus. Throughout the lecture, the rabbi made several comparisons between the Coronavirus Era and the Book of Ezekiel.
Most notably, Ezekiel 36:34:
and the desolate land, after lying waste in the sight of every passerby, shall again be tilled. (Ezekiel 36:34)
Rabbi Richter relates that this prophecy is happening as we speak saying: “you look out in the streets you look out in the streets of America, in the world, in Europe. in Italy they’re desolate”
He explains that the reason for the desolation relates to a previous verse in Ezekiel which states:
So I poured out My wrath on them for the blood which they shed upon their land, and for the idols with which they defiled it. (Ezekiel 36:18)
Rabbi Richter also explains that the closure of theater, Hollywood, and professional sports are those very ‘idols’ that Ezekiel was referring to saying: “Idols: no Hollywood, no theater, no NBA, no NHL. All these idols that we have.”
Regarding panic shoppers who are buying up bottled water, Rabbi Richter relates it to a later passage in Ezekiel:
 I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean: I will cleanse you from all your uncleanness and from all your fetishes. (Ezekiel 36:25)
The fact that panic shoppers keep buying water shows that they are going after the same element that is used in the purification process as written in Ezekiel. But the rabbi also added that it needs to be used to “purify the soul.”
Regarding the masses buying up toilet paper, Rabbi Richter explains that this is analogous to God cleansing the world saying:  “This is exactly spiritually – this is what’s happening. God’s cleaning up our act. God is cleaning up the world.”
As far as the rush on hygienic products like hand-sanitizer and latex gloves goes, the Rabbi adds: “What else are they going for? All these hygienic products…that’s the right direction they just are looking out only for their homes or for their offices in order to purify their areas.”
However Rabbi Richter also warns that their shopping spree is misdirected adding: “But that’s not the lesson. That’s not the wake-up call. The wake-up call is: understand that all these physical products are to tell us are to awaken us to spiritually perfect and cleanse ourselves. If we have to. every few minutes wash our hands to make sure that our hands are clean.”
“How about our spiritual activities? How have our words been? Our thoughts? How about our deeds without me checking them every second? That’s the idea – transfer the physical ideas here into the spiritual because that’s why God is bringing this physical virus, contamination into the world to waken us spiritually.” Rabbi Richter concludes that section of his hour-and-a-half lecture saying: “God is really cleaning up the filth of the world.”