Hasidic Jew Turned Away from Toyota Dealer in NY: “You’re Spreading the Virus”

A Hasidic man had an appointment on Monday to service his car at Toyota service center in Goshen, NY. However, instead of being serviced like the rest of the location’s customers, he was told to leave because he was “spreading the virus”.

The man said that he called Johnston’s Toyota to see if he can bring his vehicle in for maintenance. He was told over the phone that there was no problem, since they are open. He then made an appointment for 9:30AM.

The visibly Jewish man entered into the garage where he was met by an employee who told him to exit the premises claiming that they are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the man drove away, he noticed that one vehicle after the next was entering the service center. At that point, he began video-taping the vehicles entering.

He then called the Toyota dealership again saying “I missed my appointment, is there any time slot still available for today?”

To which Toyota replied: “sure, come at 10:15 this morning”. And although they told him to leave a second time, at least this time he caught the bigotry on camera.