Israel’s Health Ministry Tries to Prevent Doctors from Getting Tested for Coronavirus

He who fatally strikes a man shall be put to death. Exodus 21:12 (The Israel Bible™)

A disturbing confrontation took place on Tuesday when the Israel’s Health Ministry expressed opposition to medical staff at Hadassah Hospital getting tested for COVID-19 reports Kol Hair.

The Jerusalem hospital began conducting tests on medical staff to determine if they have been infected with coronavirus. When that happened, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health Prof. Itamar Grotto blasted Hadassah’s CEO and director Ze’ev Rothstein, for conducting the tests saying “we’ll find a way to respond,”

According to Rothstein, “We are already seeing positive test results and have discovered eight staff members who didn’t know they were infected and were asymptomatic. Among those who tested positive were six members of the the Mount Scopus campus. Each of those infected is immediately isolated, and an epidemiologic investigation is underway. This will eventually isolate anyone who comes into contact with them. In an initiative that will take place over the next few days, we will fully utilize the testing of all of our employees at Hadassah Hospital”

More corruption in the Health Ministry?

Last week, Mako discovered that the Health Ministry also refused to expand the scope of test labs that would have expedited the diagnosis process. The reason for the Health Minister’s refusal was because it “hurts their status.”

Breaking Israel News reached out to the Health Ministry for comment however they have not responded to our inquiries.