Syrian migrants flooding the shores of the Greek Islands is a regular occurrence for the Hellenic Navy. But last week, they noticed something unusual.

A boat filled with illegal migrants that was prevented from entering Greece’s territorial waters in the eastern Aegean Sea, was escorted by a Turkish coastguard who approached the boat but then, in unusual fashion, kept a safe distance from it reports Greek City Times.

PIRAEUS, GREECE: DECEMBER 06, 2017: A greek military naval battleship in the open sea. (courtesy: Shutterstock)


After that, the Greek forces noticed another Turkish coastguard crew who boarded the boat filled with the illegal migrants. This time, the Turkish crew wore full medical protective suits confirming suspicions that some of the Syrian migrants on that boat were infected with coronavirus.

The story was originally broken by Lygeros Stavros of SLPress.

As Stavros’ puts it: “as unbelievable as it may seem, everything leads to the conclusion that the Turkish state has consciously orchestrated an indirect attack with biological warfare against Greece. Apparently, Turkey expected that – as in the past – if the ship arrived on the Greek island, the migrants would be taken temporarily to a migration center.”