In Israel, there are no food shortages. Thank G-d, there is plenty of sustenance to go around for the entire population – even for the homeless.

But as the coronavirus has infiltrated the Jewish state, many Israelis – especially seniors – have self quarantined. This means that they either can’t or are simply afraid to leave their homes. It also means that they have no way of getting necessary food – not because there’s not enough food but rather because it’s too dangerous for the elderly to expose themselves to the virus and they’re afraid to go shopping. Additionally, there are many others in quarantine. 

Thankfully, the Colel Chabad organization is stepping up. Colel Chabad is a charitable organization who, among other things, specializes in delivering food to people’s homes that for some reason can’t leave. Whether they are handicapped or suffering from PTSD, Colel Chabad delivers raw or ready-made food to those who have no other way of getting it.

But now, as so many people, especially the elderly, are stuck in home-quarantine, Colel Chabad has been forced to double their efforts to ensure that the food that these people need arrives at their doorstep.

The result – Colel Chabad’s ‘Door-to-Door’ delivery has increased by several thousand customers. That means that they have to rent more trucks just to deliver the food. It also means that they have to hire more help to drive the trucks and bring it to those who need it.

“Colel Chabad has to deliver another 2,000 meals to people’s homes” explains the organization’s director Rabbi Shmuel Lipsker.

This is precisely what Colel Chabad did in 2014 during Operation Cast Lead. Back then, as Israelis in the south were stuck in bomb shelters, Colel Chabad risked their lives to bring them the food they needed.

And now, as many in Israel are either bound by self-quarantine or simply afraid to leave their homes for fear of catching the coronavirus, Colel Chabad is there to tend to their needs.

But, this heroic undertaking costs money. The additional costs involved with the trucks they need to rent as well as the increased staff comes with a hefty price.

And that’s precisely why Colel Chabad is asking you to be their partner and help those in need at this most trying time. Remember, being generous doesn’t mean donating a lot of money. Generosity is all about donating what you can whether it be $1 or $100,000.

Interestingly, the hebrew word for charity is צדקה (tzedakah). Its root word is tzedek which means ‘justice’. In other words, by giving whatever you can to this incredible cause, you are essentially meting out heavenly justice. Furthermore, the Bible teaches us that giving charity isn’t just a recommendation, it’s an actual commandment as stated in Deuteronomy:

You shall declare before Hashem your G-d: “I have cleared out the consecrated portion from the house; and I have given it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, just as You commanded me; I have neither transgressed nor neglected any of Your commandments (Deuteronomy 26:13)

There aren’t many organizations out there that are more worthy of your generosity than Colel Chabad. They are committed to the cause, making sure that the needy are taken care of even at trying times such as this. Donate whatever you can to Colel Chabad today by clicking here.