George Soros Now gets 500,000 Negative Tweets Every Day

To fear Hashem is to hate evil Proverbs 8:13 (The Israel Bible™)

Is George Soros is funding violent Floyd riots across America? Many people on Twitter seem to think so.

According to a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), “aggressive language towards Soros has exploded on social media.” Critical tweets about the billionaire currency manipulator increased from 20,000 per day on May 26 to 500,000 per day as of May 30.

According to the ADL, most of the posts, claim that Soros is funding riots throughout the nation, and that he is also backing Antifa, a network of violent socialist revolutionaries whom President Donald Trump labeled a domestic terror organization.

The ADL fears that the criticism weighed against Soros “can serve as a gateway to the antisemitic subculture that blames Jews for the riots.”

Some of the more prominent people tweeting against Soros include controversial Trump supporter Candace Owens and former Hollywood actor James Woods.

The Hungarian-born Soros is an unapologetic Nazi collaborator who helped the Nazis seize his Jewish neighbors property during World War 2. Today, his Open Society funds a wide array of extreme left-wing causes both in the United States and worldwide.

In 2018, Trump tweeted that Soros paid protesters to go against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also campaigned against Soros who he claimed formulated a secret plot to flood Hungary with migrants.