In light of Israel’s plans to assert sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria, the United for Palestine group organized a ‘Day of Rage’ throughout major US cities. Hundreds attended the events in LA and New York with a smaller group of counter pro-Israel protesters opposing them. Chants calling for violence including “intifada!” could be heard throughout the gathering.

In an effort to connect the jihad against Israel into a worldwide effort, the event organizers in New York City invited a wide range of speakers who spoke of oppression in their home countries such as Eritrea and Kashmir.

One woman who only identified as “Jamie” represented the Nodutal organization was also invited to address the anti-Israel crowd. Nodutal seeks to reunite the Korean peninsula under the leadership of the DPRK. In her speech, Jamie told the crowd that “Solidarity with the Palestinians dates back to 1966 when the DPRK started supporting the Palestinian Liberation Organization.” She then received applause after mentioning that North Korea also supported Iran and Syria.

Jamie also boasted that Pyongyang refuses to recognize Israel and sees it as an “imperialist satellite of the US.”

She added that the “occupation” of the Korean Peninsula and the “land theft in Palestine” are one in the same form of US imperialism.

Jamie called North Korea’s struggle and the Palestinian intifada the same struggle against American imperialism.

“I believe in this lifetime, Palestine will be yours again and Korea will be one again” she concluded. North Korea’s human rights record is widely considered to be the worst in the world.