An Israeli Knesset Member challenged the Health Ministry’s coronavirus stats, telling a senior ministry official on Sunday that many of those who died from other, preexisting conditions were erroneously included in the COVID death toll.

MK Yulia Malinovsky (Yisrael Beytenu) interrupted Deputy Director-General of the Health Ministry Prof. Itamar Grotto’s presentation that he made before the Knesset’s Coronavirus Committee on Sunday. The outburst came after Grotto cited ministry statistics that show that more than 400 people died from the coronavirus thus far.

Malinovsky challenged the figure, noting that some of the deaths included in the COVID death toll were actually patients who died of other causes while also testing positive for the virus.

“They didn’t die from COVID-19, that’s an error,” said Malinovsky. “You’re deceiving the public.”

MK Osnat Mark (Likud) objected to Malinovsky’s comments, saying that the fact that there were preexisting conditions in some patients doesn’t mean their deaths were not expedited by being infected with the virus.

“If it hastens their deaths, isn’t that enough? If a cancer patient is in a high-risk group and dies because of the coronavirus, he could have lived for a few more years with treatment.”

Malinovsky replied to Mark’s comments asking: “If a 90-year-old cancer patient comes to the hospital, he’s been put on a ventilator and he’s in an induced coma, the doctors are fighting for his life, and at the end, he gets a virus – which there are many of in hospitals – and then he dies. How did he die?”

At that point, Mark interrupted her again yelling “That’s not the same thing!”  Malinovsky then asked not to be interrupted.

According to the data released by the Health Ministry as of Sunday morning, the amount of corona-related fatalities in Israel reached 406, with 238 patients listed in serious condition. However, it should be noted that the WHO changed the guidelines for those listed in ‘serious condition’ inflating the original numbers.