A preliminary Knesset vote was scheduled for Wednesday on a bill to ban conversion therapy. The vote was postponed by a week, after Nitzan Horowitz, the (Meretz) lawmaker who sponsored it, realized that it wouldn’t garner enough votes to pass.

The main obstacle to the bill’s passing came from Knesset Members from the Joint Arab List. UAL & Balad are expected to oppose the bill. However it is still unclear how Ta’al members intend to vote. The communist Hadash party will to allow its MKs to vote as they please, however only 2 MKs were expected to back the bill.
Many Parliamentarians have been pressured by gay lobbyists to support the bill.  But one Arab MK appears to be the victim of an intimidation campaign from Israel’s LGBT community. Ra’am faction head MK Mansour Abbas received a threatening message from someone describing themselves as the Government liaison for the LGBT community saying:

“I am addressing you as the leader of the Ra’am faction in light of of a vote on a law Prohibiting conversion therapy tomorrow. We do not expect (Knesset) members of the Ra’am faction to back the bill, which is why from the get go, we didn’t request it. I also discussed this in detail with your adviser.”

But then, the letter warns of what’s to come should they not support the controversial bill.

“It is important for me to say that if you decide to oppose the bill and similar parliamentary matters on this issue, there will be consequences.”

Some of the consequences as stated in the letter include: “The media’s treatment of you will be conducted in a very different manner than it has been until now.”

As Muslims, Abbas has stated in the past that his party opposes homosexuality.