Jerusalem: At yet another anti-Netanyahu protest on Tuesday, a woman who claimed to be a Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jew earned an interview with a journalist from Israel’s mainstream media. During her exchange with N12’s Moshe Nussbaum, the woman realizing that the ultra-orthodox community is often very fruitful, she claimed to have seven children and a “husband” telling Nussbaum that all of the Haredi community “is against Bibi but they’re afraid to admit it.” The interview can be seen in the tweet below:

There’s just one problem. Some pro-Netanyahu counter-protesters who saw the interview, followed her around until she took off her head covering – something a Haredi woman would never do in public That’s when they confronted her realizing that the “ultra-orthodox woman” was in fact a secular actress. Initially she tried to deny the allegations but when pressed, she responded admitting: “I’m not a liar, I’m an actress!”

The confrontation can be seen in the tweet below: