Being in the hospital is a terrible way to spend your childhood. Unfortunately, many kids in Israel have no choice. Whether it be cancer or other chronic illnesses, hundreds of Israeli children can only dream of engaging in typical summer activities like healthy kids get to.

Fortunately, one organization is bringing summer camp to them. That organization is Colel Chabad. Although they’re better known for feeding Israel’s poor, Colel Chabad’s staff of dedicated volunteers also visits children’s hospitals throughout Israel with one goal in mind – to bring joy to sick kids.

They do this with a wide array of fun activities that can be done inside the confines of the hospital like arts and crafts, music and other cool stuff. And the kids love it. For a few hours a day, these children get to forget about their illness and just – be kids.

This program is highly successful and the hospital staff notice the positive outcome on the children’s mental health. But like most important ventures, it costs money. 

That’s why Colel Chabad is reaching out to all of Israel’s allies to help them bring joy to hospitalized children throughout God’s land. Unfortunately, many of Colel Chabad’s donors have lost income during the corona-crisis. But if you can, here’s a great way to thank God for all His blessings by donating to help His sick children in Israel.

Please show your generosity by giving whatever you’re able. Help Israel’s sick children heal. Donate to Colel Chabad today.