John Hagee Ministries Blesses Israel with Life-Saving Ambulances

“I will bless those who bless you…” (Genesis 12:3)

At the 33rd annual ‘Night To Honor Israel’ event, held Sunday at the Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas, John Hagee Ministries demonstrated its continued devotion to Israel by sponsoring their seventh and eighth ambulances in seven years.

The first six John Hagee Ministries ambulances have treated over 30,000 patients in the six first years that they have been operational. The newest ambulances will join a fleet of the more than 1,000 Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulances currently in operation in Israel.

John Hagee Ministries support of MDA, Israel’s national EMS, ambulance and blood service, is part of a partnership with Heart to Heart, a program devoted to saving lives in Israel through support of MDA’s services.

“We are gathered to stand up and speak for Israel at a time of great crisis. [These] two state-of-the-art ambulances will help the injured, both military or civilian, who need to be transported to a hospital,” said Hagee.

Pastor Hagee presented a gift of $250,000 to Heart to Heart director Jonathan Feldstein. A sum close to $3 million was on distributed Sunday night to 26 Israeli organizations. In 2013, John Hagee Ministries also gave a similar sum to various Israeli organizations.

Heart to Heart’s mission is to ensure that the Israeli people have the emergency medical response equipment that they need to enable them to face the numerous dangers currently threatening the country.

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Feldstein expressed appreciation on behalf of all Israelis for the donation. “While the outcome of emergency medical care is never certain, the speed and skill of MDA’s paramedics is. Thanks to the continued generosity of John Hagee Ministries and all whose offerings help make this possible, two more ambulances will be added to the fleet, giving all Israelis comfort to know that when in need, MDA is there to answer the call,” he said.

The donation of these two ambulances is very timely. There is a great need to help raise funds for new ambulances and a variety of other programs deemed necessary to help MDA face the various dangers currently threatening Israel.

Some of these projects include: The construction of a new state-of-the-art underground national blood center to ensure Israel’s blood supply is protected in the event of an attack and to accommodate a population that has doubled in size since the last blood center was built; Purchasing mobile command and control vehicles that can provide coverage for up to three MDA regional dispatch centers in the event that these centers are disabled in an attack or natural disaster; and purchasing new ambulances to increase coverage around the country and decrease response time.