Is Iran Really a Wedge Issue?

Has Iran really become a wedge issue between Israel and American Jews? During her interview with Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, American news anchor Erin Burnett quoted a J Street poll saying that 84% of American Jews are in favor of a deal with Iran, citing this as evidence of a divide. But did they mean the deal currently being worked on or some other — imaginary — one?

After being banned from running in the upcoming elections due to criminal activity, right-wing activist Baruch Marzel and Arab Knesset member Haneen Zoabi have won their appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court. From where does the Supreme Court derive its power? Was its decisions in this case to be expected?

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According to an article by Jodi Rudoren in yesterday’s NY Times, Gazan youths are jumping the fence into Israel, preferring Israeli jails to their life in Gaza. Are Israeli jails too comfortable? Whom should be held accountable for the suffering in Gaza — Israel or Hamas?

As the leaders of the Zionist Union party slam PM Netanyahu for failing where security is concerned, the Panel discusses what they might do differently, if elected.