Which of Obama’s Epithets Is More Offensive – ‘Hobgoblin’ or ‘Narrow-Minded?’

While PM Netanyahu continues to campaign for a “better deal” with Iran, US President Obama turns up his verbal attacks on the Israeli leader. Is it appropriate to imply the prime minister is “narrow minded?” What exactly is a “hobgoblin?” Why does Obama continue to insist that Netanyahu has not provided a “good answer” to the question of an alternative to the Framework Agreement, while Netanyahu continues to answer that very question?

The Zionist Union, the party of Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni, issued a position paper calling the Iran nuclear deal “problematic.” Did they offer any new ideas? Has the dispute over the agreement affected Israel’s internal politics? If so, how?

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Many are not aware that Israel provides electricity and water to the Palestinians in Gaza. When Israel recently withheld a small percentage of tax payments owed the Palestinian Authority, to cover part of its extensive debt to the Israeli companies, the PA refused to accept the amount that was offered to them. Does Israel have an obligation to continue to provide such utilities to Gaza? Does the PA have an obligation to pay for them?