VOI’s Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel are joined by Jerusalem Post religious affairs correspondent Jeremy Sharon to discuss the fact that the first coalition deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made is with United Torah Judaism, an ultra-Orthodox party. They analyze the ramifications this will have on the identity of the state. This leads Ari and Jeremy to delve into the issue of the spiritual battle for the future of Judaism. Can Israel be the tool to meld prophetic and rabbinic Judaism? Does the state need to establish an alternative rabbinate to compete with the ultra-Orthodox one? Is this political-spiritual battle laying the ground work for the Messianic era?

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Then, Ari and Jeremy are joined by Dr. Dovid Lieberman, author of “How Free Will Works: The Blueprints to Take Charge of Your Life, Health, and Happiness.” They discuss the age-old question of free will vs. predisposition. Lieberman explains that the way one views the conundrum has a powerful effect on the prism through which he views reality, and argues that changing one’s paradigm can make the difference between leading a life of serenity and empowerment, and an existence of anxiety and hopelessness.