Searching Deep Under Israel, Zion Oil Drills for the Security of the Jewish State

“By the God of your father who will help you, by the Almighty who will bless you with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that crouches beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb.” (Genesis 49:25)

In the year 2000, a dream was realized to set up a faith based company whose goal it was to free Israel’s hand in the geopolitical arena by drilling for and finding oil in Israel. After a 17 year process, John Brown finally succeeded in setting up Zion Oil and Gas Inc. whose explicit goal is to help Israel.

Andrew Summey, the Online Communications Manager of Zion Oil told Breaking Israel News that the company’s strategies revolve around helping Israel achieve a greater sense of geopolitical freedom.

Highlighting certain concepts discussed in Daniel Yergin’s monumental work “The Prize”, Summey listed examples of how Israel’s foreign policy has been dictated by other oil producing countries. Zion Oil believes that until Israel can gain oil independence, it will not be able to look after its own best interests in the international sphere due to the various restrictions placed upon by oil supplying nations such as the US and Norway.

Ranging from the Oslo accords to the Obama administration, Summey outlined to Breaking Israel News how Israel’s oil interests have often forced the political echelon to alter its security, foreign affairs, and often even the internal affairs of the country in order to comply with energy needs of its citizens.

Beginning as early as the Oslo accords, Summey attributed much of Israel’s modern woes to issues of oil supply. “Norway is one of the major suppliers of oil to Israel, so needless to say when one of your major oil suppliers wishes you to make peace, you have to at least try to oblige them,” he said.

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Summey pointed out that the modern political fiasco between US President Barack Obama and Israel also has a lot to do with oil supply.

“In 2013, President Obama and his administration, for the first time, refused to reissue the contract with Israel guaranteeing them an oil supply in a time of conflict. This guarantee assured Israel of a supply of oil even if all of the other suppliers refuse to supply Israel due to political considerations,” Summey explained.

“Israel no longer has that guarantee to fall back on and therefore cannot afford to wage a lengthy war. Thu,s in the case of a conflict with a neighboring nation or with any of the various Palestinian terrorist organizations, Israel has to weigh the risks of possibly running out of oil during the conflict.”

Never before has Israel been so abandoned. The ramifications of Obama administrations decision mean that Israel, who has an emergency cache of oil, enough to last 60 days, needs to end hostilities with any other nation before that cache runs out. The daunting alternative would be for Israel to risk running out of oil completely should the international suppliers, mainly European countries, chose to cut them off in the middle of a conflict.

(Photo: Zion Oil)
(Photo: Zion Oil)

The discovery of large maritime natural gas deposits in the Tamar and Leviathan fields have become significant game changers for Israel in this respect, which is why Israel is investing heavily in their security.

“We wish to alleviate the dependency on other nations for oil,” Summey told Breaking Israel News. “The urgency with which conflicts must be settled in a country facing outside pressure of this kind can even cost lives when brought down to the operational level.”

Zion Oil is hoping to find the next big oil game changer and allow Israel to be energy independent in order that the Jewish state can be free to act to ensure the safety of all of its citizens no matter what the international consensus is. “We have faith in Israel and in the Bible, that God’s promises are true and that there is a blessing that will come from the deep as it says in Genesis,” says Summey.

“The promises in the Bible are real and you can literally take those to the bank. The scriptures that indicate that blessing lies beneath (Genesis 49:25), is real. How it is going to come about, we don’t know. But we can bank on God’s promises. That is even a better find than finding oil. They are real and they can be trusted.”

Zion Oil is set to begin digging its fourth, and hopefully most prosperous well in the Megiddo-Jezreel district, near Kibbutz Sde-Eliyahu this coming fall.