Is Israel Prepared for an International Onslaught Over Operation Protective Edge?

Anticipating damning conclusions from the UN Human Rights Council and International Criminal Court on Israel’s behavior during Operation Protective Edge last summer, Israel is set to release a report of its own findings on the war. Will this report, which concludes the IDF acted in accordance with the rules of battle, help in the court of international public opinion?

With a significant and patriotic Druze community in Israel, how far should the Jewish state go to help the Syrian Druze, who are currently threatened by Islamic State and other radical elements?

Should Israelis celebrate the death of a terrorist killed by an IDF jeep that landed on him after veering out of control when he tried to attack it?

The annual Jerusalem 10K night run is scheduled for this Thursday, which coincides with the first day of Ramadan. Should it be postponed to accommodate Muslims who may wish to participate in it?