WATCH: “The Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East” Tells Incredible Story of Assassination and Survival

“Come, let us ascend to the Mountain of the Lord.” (Isaiah 2:3)

Rabbi Yehudah Glick, chairman and founder of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and well-known advocate for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, has released a video telling, for the first time, the entire story of his miraculous survival after a Palestinian terrorist tried to assassinate him one year ago by shooting him four times at point-blank range.

His work towards establishing the full rights of Jews and Christians to ascend to the Temple Mount and pray freely at the ancient site, which is the holiest in Judaism, has led to his being banned from the Temple Mount and labeled the “most dangerous man in the Middle East”. In this video, hear the first-hand account of the fateful night and the incredible recovery that turned Glick into a hero, a pariah, and a survivor.