Netanyahu After Killing of Tel Aviv Terrorist: No One is Immune to Israeli Justice – Inside or Outside Our Borders

“Sing aloud, O ye nations, of His people; for He doth avenge the blood of His servants, and doth render vengeance to His adversaries, and doth make expiation for the land of His people.” Deuteronomy 32:43 (The Israel Bible™)

The day after the Tel Aviv terrorist who killed three was cornered and shot by Israeli security forces, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement warning that anyone else targeting Israelis would be caught and dealt with in a similar manner.

“Let all who wish to murder Israelis know that sooner or later we will reach them, inside the borders of the nation and outside of them,” said Netanyahu. “No one is immune. We will get to the killers and to all those who aided them.”

Want to know what the experts have to say?

Israeli Arab Nashat Milhem, who opened fire with a submachine gun on Tel Aviv’s central Dizengoff Street on January 1, killing two and injuring seven, was finally caught on Friday after a week-long manhunt which mobilized thousands across the country. He had also shot and killed a taxi driver who picked him up after the attack.

Milhem was found in his village of Arara after a relative tipped off the Shin Bet security service to his hiding place. He was shot and killed in a shootout with police, in which he fired on them with the same sub-machine gun used in the Tel Aviv attack.

President Reuven Rivlin also made a statement on Saturday, vowing that Israelis “will not bow our heads in the face of the depraved terror we are facing in this difficult period.”

After a week-long manhunt for Nashat Melhem, the terrorist responsible for the shooting attack in Tel Aviv last week…

Posted by Zionist Federation of Australia on Saturday, January 9, 2016

After praising the work of the security forces to find Milhem, he affirmed that Israel would stand strong against terror despite the cost, saying, “We will continue to choose life, even when in pain, even when the price we pay is heavy and so very difficult.”

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