Friends of the IDF (FIDF) – Amir Course

Cultivating the Integration of Ethiopian-Israelis into Military and Civilian Society.

Ethiopian-Israelis tend to have exemplary service records: 90% of Ethiopian-Israeli combat soldiers complete their full military service as opposed to 70% of combat soldiers from other populations. Despite these high percentage rates, IDF research shows that soldiers from the Ethiopian community don’t reach their highest potential within the army and serve in the array of challenging positions it has to offer.

Through special training and orientations, the Amir Course seeks to better integrate Ethiopian-Israeli enlistees into the army and enable them to access more challenging and influential positions in the IDF. Since one’s military service can play such a critical role in a soldier’s civilian life, the Amir Course is also an investment in these soldiers’ future. The course improves their personal and professional development, providing these soldiers with the opportunity to pursue university studies, integrate into civilian institutions, build careers, and realize an improved quality of life.