An IDF soldier defending Israel on the Lebanon border experienced a personal miracle on Wednesday as his life was saved from enemy gunfire.

The soldier was standing guard at an IDF border post near the northern Israeli city of Metulla when the position came under enemy fire.

By the grace of God, the single (or multiple) shots did not injure anyone- soldier or civilian- although, the Jerusalem Post reported, a bullet caused a piece of shrapnel from the army post to launch into the air, before striking the dog tag of the soldier.

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Army medics immediately checked the soldier for any injuries, but he was completely unharmed. He was later taken to a nearby hospital for a precautionary check-up.

According to IDF sources, the source of the gunfire was yet to be identified, at the time of reporting. It’s unclear whether the shot(s) were stray fire or if the IDF post had been targeted.