Haifa Fire Victims Go on 250,000 NIS Shopping Spree Courtesy of Christian Donors

“He that is gracious unto the needy honoureth Him.” Proverbs 14:31 (The Israel Bible™)

The pro-Israel group Israel365 will distribute 250,000 NIS ($66,000) in gift cards to the victims of last week’s terrible fires in Haifa on Thursday. Haifa was deeply affected by the devastating fires sweeping the country, with over 500 apartments destroyed and 1,600 people left homeless.

Israel365 is a Bet Shemesh organization whose supporters are primarily Evangelical Christians. According to Israel365 director Rabbi Tuly Weisz, “Our supporters love Israel and the Jewish people and as readers of the Bible, hundreds of Christians stepped forward with donations to sponsor the shopping spree and help bring some joy and new clothes to those most affected by the fire.”

Bridges for Peace, a Jerusalem-based Christian organization, also contributed to the shopping spree.

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The City Center Outlet Mall in Haifa arranged for a number of stores to offer 50 percents discounts for the shopping spree, and the Haifa Municipality reached out to fire victims. Within an hour, over 50 families representing 150 individuals registered for the Thursday night event.

Israel365 also runs an ecommerce store featuring Judaica products made in Israel. With the help of some of its vendors, the organization assembled 60 gift bags of Judaica items for victims. “We are deeply appreciative to Ceremonie Tea and Yair Emanuel for donating Judaica items for the victims’ new homes,” said Rabbi Weisz.

Last week, Rabbi Weisz invited teenagers whose house burned down in Beit Meir to a local shopping mall to replenish their wardrobe, and expanded the idea into this week’s event. “I was able to help a thirteen year old replace her favorite dress, and I realized what it means to lose all your clothing,” said Rabbi Weisz. “We can’t replace everything, but it means so much to our Christian donors to help restore some of what was lost.”