WATCH: Candidate for NYC Office Accuses ‘Greedy Jewish Landlords’ of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

“Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.” Psalms 34:14 (The Israel Bible™)

New York City Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre vilified “greedy Jewish landlords” in an anti-Semitic tirade released on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day this week.

Lopez-Pierre’s anti-Semitic rant appeared in a campaign video that went viral on social media Monday. He accused Jewish landlords of “ethnic cleansing” and causing the city’s problems.

The video was released as part of Lopez-Pierre’s campaign to head the 7th Council District in Upper Manhattan, which includes the Upper West Side, Morningside Heights and Washington Heights—areas that have large Jewish populations.

The controversial candidate will face the district’s incumbent, Councilman Mark Levine, in the Democratic primary this fall.

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“Mark Levine is controlled by Jewish landlords. Jewish landlords own more than 80 percent of the real estate in Upper Manhattan. They are at the forefront of pushing black and Latino people out of Upper Manhattan,” said Lopez-Pierre in the campaign video.

Similar anti-Semitic statements appear on the candidate’s campaign website.

“Jewish Landlords [own more than 80 percent] of the privately-owned rental apartment buildings in Harlem/Washington Heights and are at the forefront of ethnic cleansing/pushing Black/Hispanic tenants out of their apartments,” writes Lopez-Pierre.

Lopez-Pierre has a history of anti-Semitic incitement. In a prior campaign against Levine in 2013, he accused the incumbent of wanting to “to sneak into office like a thief in the night.”

Watch the full video here.