Samaria Community Devastated by Shabbat Massacre Launches New Outpost as Show of Strength

“Unless Hashem builds the house, its builders labor in vain on it; unless Hashem watches over the city, the watchman keeps vigil in vain.” Psalms 127:1 (The Israel Bible™)

Hundreds of residents from Halamish gathered Sunday to erect a new settlement outpost in memory of the three Israelis who were killed in Friday night’s Palestinian terror attack in the Samaria community.

The new outpost was named “Yad Ahi” in memory of the three slain members of the Salomon family: Yosef, 70, his daughter Chaya, 46, and son Elad, 36. “Ahi” (brother) in Hebrew is spelled with the first initials of the victims’ names – aleph, chet, and yud.

Halamish residents also set up tents, tables and chairs to block the eastern road to the community that is used by Palestinians, in protest of the attack. Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed fatally stabbed the three family members and injured a fourth, Tova Salomon, 68, as the family gathered around the table for a festive Shabbat meal.

After the terror attack, Halamish leaders discussed plans for expanding the community with additional housing units, and creating territorial contiguity from the Salomon family’s home to the adjacent Jewish neighborhood of Tzofit.

The community leaders, who intend to discuss their construction proposals with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demanded that the government finalize security measures for the community, which had been planned but are not completed, and that the eastern road leading up to Halamish be closed to Palestinian movement. A few months before Friday’s attack, a Palestinian terrorist set several homes in Halamish on fire.

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