WATCH: Israel’s Defense Ministry Unveils the Future Weapons of the IDF

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons (ADW) Tuesday unveiled nine new cutting-edge pieces of military technology that will be added to the IDF’s arsenal in the coming years.

The revolutionary defense technologies were co-developed with local and international defense contractors, and are expected to be game-changers in future wars with the Palestinian terror group Hamas and the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.

One of the most significant pieces revealed Tuesday is the lightweight and cost-effective Carmel armored vehicle, slated to replace Israel’s current Merkava tank. The Merkava has been in service for more than four decades.

The Carmel requires two crew members as opposed to four in the Merkava, and utilizes a battery-powered hybrid gas-electric engine.

Other notable technologies unveiled by ADW include three new unmanned aerial vehicles—one equipped with a “smart rifle”—and two unmanned undersea vehicles. The unmanned submarines will be available in large and small models, with the smaller version developed with assistance from Bar-Ilan University.

The ministry also debuted its SMASH electro-optical aiming system, which enables soldiers to lock on to targets with their firearms, avoiding unnecessary civilian casualties.