In Argentina, Images of Israeli Prime Minister in Nazi Uniform Appear Prior to Historic Visit

“And David said to Shaul, ‘Why do you listen to the people who say, “David is out to do you harm?”‘” I Samuel 24:10 (The Israel Bible™)

Anti-Semitic posters showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the guise of Holocaust mastermind Adolf Hitler went up in Argentina’s capital hours before Netanyahu’s historic touchdown in the Latin American country on Monday.

Some of the posters, distributed by pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist protesters, depict Netanyahu wearing a Nazi uniform. Plastered across the image on a Palestinian flag are the words “Get the Zionists out of Palestine.”

A poster, showing a mug shot of Netanyahu, carried the legend, “Wanted for human rights crimes and genocide of the Palestinian people.”

Anti-Semitic posters in Argentina prior to the leader’s visit, September 11, 2017. (World Zionist Organization)

Copies of the posters were sent to the media by the World Zionist Organization (WZO), which vowed to “fight the scourge” of anti-Semitism.

“It is a very serious matter to hang signs promoting anti-Semitism and hatred against Israel on such an historic day,” said WZO Deputy Chairman and Head of Countering Global Anti-Semitism Yaakov Haguel.

Netanyahu’s trip to Latin America marks the first-ever time that a sitting Israeli prime minister will visit the region. On his first stop in Argentina, he will meet with President Mauricio Macri, sign bilateral economic agreements, and attend several ceremonies.

Argentina has the largest Jewish population in Latin America, but it is no stranger to anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attacks. During his visit, Netanyahu will attend memorial ceremonies in Buenos Aires commemorating 1992 and 1994 terrorist attacks against the Israeli embassy and a Jewish community center respectively.

From there, Netanyahu will travel to Colombia and Mexico, which was recently rocked by a devastating earthquake.

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