A Binyaminite ran from the battlefield and reached Shilo the same day; his clothes were rent and there was earth on his head. I SAMUEL 4:12 (The Israel Bible™)

The Book of Samuel records that shortly after the Jews entered the Land of Israel, they fought a battle against the Philistines. The narrative continues with a young man from the tribe of Benjamin running from the scene of the battle to Shiloh where the High Priest Eli was awaiting a report. Tradition holds that the runner was a young King Saul who ran 42 kilometers from Eben Ezer to Shilo. That same 26.2 miles is the official length of an Olympic marathon. As such, this run recorded in the Book of Samuel was the first marathon in history! Today, runners from around the world participate in the Bible Marathon, running in the footsteps of King Saul through the scenic Biblical Heartland of Israel and connecting with their history and faith.

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