Breaking: Explosive Attack Foiled Outside Samaria Military Court

“For it was Hashem’s doing to stiffen their hearts to give battle to Yisrael, in order that they might be proscribed without quarter and wiped out, as Hashem had commanded Moshe.” Joshua 11:20 (The Israel Bible™)

A tragedy was narrowly averted when a Palestinian man was stopped as he attempted to enter a military court in Samaria with two explosive devices.

The man was entering the military courthouse in Samaria when he was stopped for a security check by IDF Border Patrol troops, who discovered an explosive device strapped to his body. While sappers were working to defuse the device, they discovered a pipe bomb in his coat. The Palestinian, a resident of Jenin, was arrested and taken in for questioning.

On Friday, a Palestinian man dressed as a member of the media stabbed an IDF border Policeman in Ramallah while wearing what was apparently an explosive belt strapped to his body. The assailant was shot but the Red Crescent Ambulance took him away before it could be determined whether the device was actually an explosive device.

Palestinian violence, including rockets from Gaza, has been on the rise since US President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ten days ago.


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