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Breaking Israel News offers a fresh and Biblical perspective on the latest news from Israel and the Middle East. Our bias is not liberal or conservative – just Biblical. Breaking Israel News was started in July 2013 by Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Director of Israel365, after thousands of Jewish and Christian Zionists requested more news items and insight from Israel. Since its inception, the site has grown tremendously. Breaking Israel News is visited by over 100,000 people every day from over 100 countries around the world and averages 2.5 million page-views per month.


The Breaking Israel News Staff
Rabbi Tuly Weisz – Publisher

Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz is the publisher of Breaking Israel News. He attended Yeshiva University (BA), Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (Rabbinic Ordination) and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law (JD) and served as the Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio. Upon making Aliyah, Rabbi Weisz founded Israel365 and serves as the publisher of Breaking Israel News providing latest headlines from a Biblical perspective. Rabbi Weisz can be reached by email.

Abra Forman – Editor

Abra Forman is the editor of Breaking Israel News. A native New Yorker, Abra moved to Israel in 2011 after participating in the inspiring program Livnot and experiencing kibbutz life in the North. She completed a B.A. in English Literature at Binghamton University in 2009. After making aliyah, she studied Hebrew at Hadassah College and then earned a Master’s degree, also in English Literature, from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she has lived for four years. Abra can be contacted by email.

Ariella Mendlowitz – Assistant Editor

Ariella is the assistant editor at Breaking Israel News. She fell in love with Israel during her seminary year and immediately made aliyah from Maryland following. After completing 2 years of National Service at JobKatif, she studied at Bar-Ilan University, graduating with a B.A. in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Ayal Kellman – Director of Operations

Ayal is the director of operations at Breaking Israel News. He was born and raised in upstate New York and made Aliyah upon completing high school. After studying in Yeshiva and volunteering as a combat soldier in the IDF, he completed a BA with honors from Bar-Ilan University with a dual-major in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. During his studies he worked as a research assistant and interned in the offices of MK Otniel Schneller. Prior to working for Israel365, which he loves despite the 1.5 hour commute, he worked at the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in Jerusalem. Click here to email Ayal.

Ahuva Balofsky – Senior Reporter

Ahuva Balofsky is a senior reporter and writer for Breaking Israel News. Ahuva grew up in Toronto, Canada and obtained her B.A. Hons. and B.Ed. at York University. She taught Tanach, Rabbinics and English at the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto. After making aliyah in 2004 with her family, she completed a Master’s degree in Tanach at Bar Ilan University, and currently teaches Bible studies and English. Ahuva can be reached by email.

Eliyahu Berkowitz – Features Writer

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz is a features writer for Breaking Israel News. He made Aliyah to Israel in 1991 and served in the IDF as a combat medic. Berkowitz studied Jewish law and received rabbinical ordination in Israel. He has worked as a freelance writer and his novel, The Hope Merchant, is available on Amazon. Reach Eliyahu by clicking here.

Rivkah Lambert Adler – Bible & Prophecy Watch

Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler is a features writer for Breaking Israel News specializing in biblical prophecy. In 2010, Rivkah made aliyah from Baltimore, where her husband served as a synagogue rabbi. She currently lives in Ma’ale Adumim, just east of Jerusalem. On September 11, 2001, she became passionate about the Land of Israel and the Final Redemption, about which she has been writing, speaking and teaching ever since. She also enjoys writing about women and Judaism and about making aliyah. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland.

Shlomo Schriebman – Director of Business Development

Shlomo Schriebman is the director of business development for Breaking Israel News. He was born in New York and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. After spending six years in Yeshiva, Shlomo served for two years in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF. Shlomo completed his B.A. in Psychology with honors at the Open University (2014) and currently is completing his M.A in Occupational and Industrial Psychology at the University of Ariel located in Samaria. Shlomo can be reached by email.

Tsivya Fox – Client Relations

Tsivya Fox is the manager of Client Relations at Breaking Israel News. A native of New York, Tsivya fell in love with Israel when she was an exchange student at Haifa University. She has a Master’s in Education from Queens College. Tsivya made aliya on the first Nefesh B’Nefesh flight in 2002. She enjoys following how world events brings to light the words of the prophets. Email Tsivya by clicking here.

Gila Halpern – Programmer

Gila Halpern is Breaking Israel News‘ IT programmer. She was born in New York but raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Gila made Aliyah in 2013, and lives in Beit Shemesh with her husband. She makes art in her spare time.