About Amit Barak

Amit_BarakAmit Barak is one of the initiators of the historical movement to integrate Arabic-speaking Christians into the IDF and the Israeli Society and worked with Father Gabriel Naddaf from Nazareth for five year. Amit is An Expert about Christian-Jewish relations in Israel and abroad. Born and raised in Nazareth illit and currently living in Gush Etzion (Judea). Serves as an active reservist in a special paratroopers unit with both his father and his brother. Amit builds bridges between Jews and Christians in Israel and between both Jews and Christians from Israel and around the world. He also lectures in Israel and abroad on issues related to the Christian community in Israel and Jewish-Christian relations. Amit researches the historic roots of the Aramean-Christian identity. He documents and researches the activities of anti-Israel Christian organizations and their connection to the Palestinian liberation theology.
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