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The wisdom of the Torah is described in this verse as the “beginning of His course.” The Hebrew word for ‘beginning,’ reishit (ראשית), is also used to describe the children of Israel, called reisheet t’vuato, ‘the first-fruits of Hashem’s harvest’ (Jeremiah 2:3), and it is also the first word of Sefer Bereishit, (Genesis) describing the… Read more »

The Book of Isaiah covers a spectrum of themes, from threats of destruction of Israel and Judea to the ultimate consolation for the Jewish people with the promise of their return to the Land of Israel from exile. For thousands of years, Jews read these prophecies and believed them, yet wondered how and when they… Read more »

Music has always played a significant role in the Bible. The earliest instruments are mentioned in Sefer Bereishit (4:21). Moshe and the Jewish people sing a great song of gratitude after the splitting of the sea, and Israel sings a similar song after being saved from peril in the desert (Numbers 21:17). Priests and Levites… Read more »

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