About Meir-Simchah Panzer

Meir-Simchah_PanzerTzvi Zucker and Meir-Simchah Panzer are the co-hosts of Holy Madness - The Show, a culture, religion, and spirituality podcast for the precious few who believe, ask questions, think critically, and care about G-d. Tzvi grew up in Brooklyn, in a "black hat" Orthodox Jewish community. He broke out to move to the land of the free and the home of the crazy: Israel. He is a social worker by profession and an avid student of things historical and demographic. Meir-Simchah grew up in northern Virginia, knowing that it mattered that he was a Jew and having no clue why. He fled postmodernism to Israel to learn to live Torah. He works as a writer and moonlights as a psycholinguist. They met one night after a lecture by their rabbi, and talked till 3 AM on a street corner on the line which once divided Jerusalem. Now, they talk through the night in each other's homes on the hill from which Israel launched the battle to reunify the city. Encouraged by friends of diverse faiths and nations, they began recording those conversations -- and that's the Holy Madness.
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