About Yishai Fleisher

Yishai_FleisherYishai Fleisher is the International Spokesperson for the Jewish community of Hebron. He is a broadcaster on the LandofIsrael.com and is a frequent columnist for all the major English language news and analysis papers. Yishai holds a JD from Cardozo Law and rabbinic ordination from Kollel Agudat Achim. Yishai served as a Paratrooper in the IDF and continues to participate in an elite battlefield reserve unit.
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The Israeli flag – a proud symbol of the miraculous achievement of the Jewish people’s sovereignty on their ancient ancestral homeland in a gleaming, growing state. Streaming blue and white across the land, it shows everyone that we are home, united once again in the mission of building a burgeoning life for our people and being a source of light for the world.

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