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  • Your submission must be an original article that you have written. Breaking Israel News will not accept pieces that were published elsewhere without explicit permission from the writer.
  • Please ensure that if you are quoting or receiving information from other sources, it must be referenced properly. Breaking Israel News does not tolerate plagiarism.
  • Breaking Israel News publishes on a range of topics: Israel, Christian Zionism, Middle East affairs, radical Islam, anti-Semitism, and Biblical prophecy. We ask that our bloggers stick to these general categories. Should you wish to write about a topic unrelated to any of the above, please reach out to us first with your idea, as a blog post which does not fall into these categories is unlikely to be published without prior discussion.
  • Our website is run by Orthodox Jews and as such, any Bible-related content/teachings cited must not proselytize in any way. Any language which we deem as proselytizing or encouraging support for a particular religious agenda will not be tolerated. We encourage quoting from the Jewish Bible (Old Testament). While we do not forbid quoting the New Testament, sources from the Christian Bible must be used in a manner that is respectful to Judaism.
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