Christian Zionism

Last week, Big Fashion, an Israeli shopping mall chain, put a tree in its Ashdod mall as a decoration for Christmas. The display became the focus of outrage for some people in the community and in an attempt to appease them, the management placed a Hanukkah menorah in the mall on Monday. Avi Amsalem, the current mayor of the city, protested the display on his Facebook page. Amsalem is a member of Shas, the ultra-Orthodox religious political party that primarily represents the interests of Haredi Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.

The coalition – which includes organizations such as the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ), Zionist Federation of Australia, Rabbinic Council of Australia and New Zealand and Bridges for Peace – authored a letter in which they outlined their reasoning for urging Morrison to take the step of relocating the embassy as soon as is practicable. “Jerusalem is Israel’s seat of government, and the location of the nation’s parliament, ministerial offices, supreme court, and the official residences of the president and prime minister,” the letter stated. “When government officials visit Israel, they meet in Jerusalem, when foreign ambassadors present their credentials in Israel, they do so in Jerusalem,” it added.